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When choosing a heating or cooling system consider these things:

Do you need to heat in winter, cool in summer, or both?

  1. There are options to combine ducted gas heating with refrigerated cooling or evaporative cooling to provide a complete heating and cooling system for your home. It may be more cost effective to install both heating & cooling at the same time.

Your budget for installation and running costs

  1. Higher efficiency heaters can cost more to install but cost less to run.
  2. Higher quality evaporative air conditioning models may cost more, but they usually have extra features that are quieter, save energy, save on running costs or save water.

How often you are likely to be using your heating or cooling system?

  1. If you are using your system often, you should consider the ongoing costs of running your system. Use the star rating system as a guide for gas appliances to choose a more efficient system, therefore with lower running costs. For evaporative air conditioning ask your nearest dealer which system is the most efficient.

The size and structure of your home

  1. Consider whether you want to cool or heat the whole house or just a few areas and ensure you select a system that has the correct capacity. A specialised dealer will be able to help you with this.

Whether you would like zoning for your heating and, if so, what type and where the zones should be

  1. Some systems don't offer zoning. Speak to one of our specialist dealers and they will be able to help you choose the right system for zoning your home.

How important is it to you to minimise your impact on the environment?

  1. For heating, consider the star ratings as these indicate the efficiency of a heater. The higher the star rating the lower the energy costs.
  2. Some evaporative air conditioners systems are more energy efficient than others. Ask your dealer which is the most energy efficient, therefore reducing the impact on the environment.

Is your home insulated?

  1. It may be worthwhile to insulate your home to keep your home to keep it cool in Summer and retain the heat in Winter. Insulation will reduce the amount of cooling/heating you require, therefore reducing the running costs.

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Then, talk to one of Seeley International’s experienced dealers. They have the know-how to design a system specifically for your home and lifestyle. To find a Seeley International dealer, use our interactive find a dealer system or phone 1300 360 815.

Make sure to use a licensed, qualified installer who is trained to install Braemar products. There’s no point in buying the best product around if it’s not installed properly!

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