Ducted gas heating features and benefits

Seeley International never stops striving to innovate and build the world's most energy efficient heaters and air conditioners.


Gas Heater features



Inshot burner

Maximum efficiency with the InShot BurnerTM

Thorough air/gas mixing for clean, efficient combustion.

Pilot light

No pilot light ensures the heater works everytime

Electronic ignition ensures dependable ignition.

No standing pilot ensures no wasted gas when the heater is not in use.

Whisper quiet

Whisper quiet operation with variable speed delivery fan

Combustion fan safely expels all combustion gases outside.

less energy

Use less energy with heater output modulation

The Modulating Gas Control in conjunction with the micro-processor controlled burner, efficiently burns the right amount of gas for any given situation.


Australian Gas Association (AGA) tested and certified

Multi level safety controls standard on all of our ducted gas heaters.

Integrated control system monitors all heater, flame sensor and safety functions.

Flexible install

Flexible installation for all types of homes

Unit can be safely installed in the roof, under the floor or outside the house+

Ducts can be installed in the ceiling or under the floor.


Maximum energy efficiency with Ecostar® Tri-ActionTM heat exchanger

Standard on TQ5, TQM6 and TQS7 series

Corrosion resistant

less electricity

Use less elictricity with an Inverter motor

Australia's first and only inverter motor for ducted gas heating, available on the 7 star equivalent* range only.

Save on rujnning costs.

cold drafts

No cold drafts with SoftairTM fan system

Exclusive to Braemar

Delivers continuous warm air


MagIQtouch ControllerMagIQtouch ScreenOn Braemar 2017

Smart, sophisticated and incredibly intuitive, your MagIQtouch controller makes operating your Braemar so simple. Discreet and modern design will blend seamlessly into the decor of your home.

Standard with: 4 star, 5 star, 6 star and 7 star equivalent* ducted gas heating.
Optional upgrade: 3 star ducted gas heating.

Comprehensive warranty

Every single Braemar ducted gas heating unit is made from premium grade materials and supported by a comprehensive factory-backed warranty.

Our industry standard 7 year comprehensive warranty** for residential ducted gas heating also comes with a 10 year heat exchanger and burner warranty.


7 year warranty      10 year heat exchanger warranty icon


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+Braemar TQS7, Side Service SSQ5 and SSQ4 ranges are only suitable for internal installations. ReBuff TQMD5 and TQD3 ranges are only suitable for external installations.
*Star rating equivalent. Based on Australian Gas Association’s results calculated in accordance with the testing methodology in AS/NZS5263.1.6:2016.
**The 7 year comprehensive warranty is available exclusively (i.e. only) if the product is purchased from Seeley International participating dealers. If it is not, then the warranty period, when the product is used for personal, residential household purposes, is 5 years. In commercial applications (when the product is used for keeping people warm), the warranty period is 5 years, and it is 1 year for non-domestic heating applications. The warranty has terms and conditions, including the requirement for regular servicing of the product in accordance with the owner’s manual. In the fourth year the service must be performed by Seeley International or its appointed nominee.
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