Why a space heater?

Braemar – a heating solution for you…

Braemar has a range of gas space heaters to suit any sized room, in a variety of configurations. The range now includes the ultra-energy-efficient Eco-Superstar range.

The superior technology built into our complete range of gas space heaters makes Braemar the ideal choice in room heating – offering the ultimate in comfort combined with stylish design.

Better for the environment

The build-up of greenhouse gas emissions is a major concern for us all – which is why natural gas is a responsible choice for home heating needs. By installing a Braemar Eco-Superstar space heater, you’ll do more than just save on running costs... you’ll contribute towards a healthier planet. A natural gas space heater has the lowest carbon emissions of all other forms of space heating, according to “Choosing a heating system”. Source: S.E.A.V.2004 Annual Heating Cost Comparison

Fresh air

Unlike unflued gas heaters, which increase the level of pollutants in the home, Braemar space heaters are flued, so exhaust gases are expelled outside. With unflued heating doors or windows must be kept open to expel polluted air, but with Braemar’s flued heaters you can keep doors and windows closed and eliminate cold draughts.

Safe heating

With no unhealthy exhaust gases circulating in the air, no hot surfaces inside the home, no messy ashes or fumes and no smelly chimneys, Braemar space heating is the perfect choice for your heating needs. To further ensure your safety, Braemar’s power flued space heaters include:

  • Overheat safety switches
  • Self diagnostic control systems
  • Cool to touch cabinets
  • Child locks

Star rating

Braemar Eco-Superstar’s power flued gas space heaters boast an amazing 4.8 star gas energy rating – saving you money on running costs.

Ultra efficient power flued heating

Power flued space heating is one of the most economical forms of heating and Braemar Eco-Superstar space heaters have the highest overall star ratings of any comparable range. Gas space heaters are independently tested to measure their energy efficiency - this is used to determine star ratings. The higher the star rating, the more energy efficient the heater is. The more energy efficient, the more you save on running costs. This is why Braemar Eco-Superstar space heaters have in-built technology to ensure they maximise their energy efficiency to an incredible 4.8 stars.




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