Want to combine your ducted gas heater with a cooling solution?

Braemar offers great cooling solutions to complement your ducted gas heating system:

Braemar refrigerated cooling


Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning


 Braemar Evaporative


Evaporative Air Conditioning

  • Add-on design - designed to fit your ducted gas heating system* using the same ductwork and grilles 
  • Energy efficient - Invertair® Series, Australia's first and only TRUE inverter add-on cooling
  • Largest capacity - the nation's largets cooling capacity with SACC fixed speed series
  • Easy installation - no need for new ductwork
  • Year-round comfort - all controlled from your MagIQtouch controller
  • Zoning - complete control for individual comfort needs




  • Fresh comfortable air - a totally natural form of cooling that delivers 100% fresh air into your home
  • Energy efficient - evaporative air conditioning is the most energy efficient way to cool your whole home
  • Low running costs - Consumes less power than reverse cycle systems
  • Whisper quiet - state of the art components like the Stealth® fan make Braemar super quiet to operate
  • Built to last - Permatuf® polymenr cabinet is designed to withstand the harshest climates
  • Powerful whole of home cooling - Cool your entire home and enjoy alfresco living 



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 *Applicable to installations where airflow requirements and duct design are suitable. Not all models of Braemar ducted gas heaters are suitable for add-on cooling, so please check with your dealer.

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