Product range and specifications

3 phase indoor unitAdd-on cooling product range and specifications

Add-on cooling systems are specifically designed to complement a new or existing^ Braemar ducted gas heating system. Compact and economical to run, it can be installed at the same time as a heating system, or added later.

  • InvertairTM inverter add-on cooling - 4 models
  • SACC series fixed speed add-on cooling -  7 sizes

View the add-on cooling product specifications in the brochure here.

Braemar SuperStealthEvaporative cooling product range and specifications

The world's first high performance inverter axial evaporative air conditioner with the highest cooling capacity and energy efficiency.
  • SuperStealth InvertairTM series - 4 models
  • Paradigm series - 4 models

View the evaporative air conditioning product specifications here.


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^Applicable to installations where airflow requirements and duct design are suitable. Not all models of Braemar ducted gas heaters are suitable for add-on cooling, so please check with the dealer.

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