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About Braemar

Braemar has developed a reputation for excellence and reliability with its award-winning gas heating range, as well as its market-leading evaporative air conditioners. Braemar is Family Owned Amanufactured in Australia by Seeley International, a certified quality endorsed company.

Braemar ducted gas heaters help reduce your energy use, while delivering heat fast – zone by zone. On the cooling side, Braemar evaporative air conditioners are reliable and economical, whether you’re looking for a comfortably cool home or commercial environment.

Offering a complete cooling and heating solution, Braemar ducted gas heating can be easily combined with integrated refrigerated cooling or evaporative air conditioning to providequality 125 comfortable temperatures all year round.

For reliable, energy-efficient natural gas heating and evaporative cooling for your home or commercial application, you can trust Braemar.

Braemar products are available in Australia and New Zealand.

Braemar Brand History

Braemar is the oldest of Seeley International's brands. Braemar commenced operations as a manufacturer in 1938 in Abbotsford, now an inner city suburb of Melbourne, Australia. The name Braemar is believed to have been taken from a postcard at the time of registration. Founded by Harold Brennan and Alfred Capp, its operations were centred on the manufacture of wood or briquette fired hot water services.

A new factory was established in Noble Park around 1945 to increase production. Realising the need to provide quality after sales service, Braemar also established its own service division using motorcycles and sidecars as the first service vehicles. The first gas fired hot water services were introduced in 1948 providing the foundation of today's outstanding gas products.

aboutus_sinkheatadThe company's operations were purchased by Davelco Ltd. in the 1960s. Manufacturing concentrated on continued expansion of hot water products and the introduction of evaporative air conditioners along with gas & electric space heaters. Around 1972 Braemar was purchased by National Consolidated, a division of Adelaide Steamship.

This era was one of massive growth for the company. By 1971, products manufactured included hot water services, evaporative air conditioners, water softeners & filters, industrial valves & lubricating equipment, heating appliances, solar panels, conveyors, elevating trucks and stainless steel sinks. Manufacturing plants were established in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia and the company was supported by a strong dealer network.

aboutus_fleetThe 1980s was a decade of rationalisation for Braemar, becoming a publicly listed company in 1984 through the acquisition of several smaller companies. The manufacturing operations were then centralised at Springvale in Victoria and concentrated on heating and cooling products. In April 1990 Braemar Industries Pty Ltd was formed and purchased the manufacturing operations, thus returning the company to private control. The operations were relocated to Albury, Australia where they remain today.

Realising a mutually beneficial market and product synergy, Seeley International negotiated and acquired Braemar Industries in the mid 1990s. This acquisition assured the continued growth of the Braemar name, marketed on a range of gas wall furnaces and ducted heaters produced at the Albury plant, and ducted cooling products produced at both the Albury and Adelaide plants.

aboutus_rooftopIn 1999, the fruits of the combined business shone through when the LCA series coolers were introduced. These coolers broke new barriers in terms of performance and quietness in axial fan cooler design, combined with the all-polymer, corrosion-free construction pioneered by Seeley International.

In 2003, the Braemar Ecostar ducted gas heater range was introduced with Australian energy efficiency ratings of up to 5.4 stars. The Braemar Ecostar literally extracts almost as much heat as is possible from combusted gas whilst safely venting exhaust gases to the outside air.

In 2009, Braemar was proud to launch the new five star ducted gas heater in the TH range, boasting a star rating of 5.6, the highest star rating in the ducted gas heater market in 2009.

And, in 2012, Braemar launched the world’s first six star heating range, along with the world’s first non-condensing five star heating range!


Braemar medium and high capacity industrial evaporative coolers have long been sold throughout Australia. These coolers enjoy such a renowned reputation for quietness, performance and reliability that they have now been taken worldwide.

Today, Braemar remains one of Australia's most recognised and trusted brand names. Braemar products maintain unique design features and character from other Seeley International products and many former Braemar employees still work for Seeley International to ensure the projection of around 70 years of tradition into the future.

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