Zoning options

Zone your home with three zoning options*

Save up to an extra 60% on running costs with zone control#


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     Complete control over                           Flexibility to heat only parts                       Heat only the zones
    individual comfort needs                               of the house in use                               you are in and save

Standard zoning

Controlled from one MagIQtouch controller in a common zone

  • Set one temperature for all zones
  • Ability to turn zones on and off

Standard zoning

Central control zoning

Controlled from one MagIQtouch controller in a common zone

  • Set different temperatures for each zone
  • Additional discreet MagIQtouch Air Sensors located in each zone
  • Ability to turn zones on and off
  • Option for up to 10 different zones

Central control zoning

Complete comfort zoning

Controlled from up to 10 MagIQtouch controllers (one per zone)

  • Set different temperatures for each zone from a dedicated MagIQtouch controller  in each zone
  • MagIQtouch zone controllers come with in-built air sensors
  • Ability to control whole system from a central MagIQtouch controller
  • Set independent programs for each zone from central controller
  • Option for up to 10 different zones

Complete comfort zoning


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*Zoning is an optional extra. TQ3 and TQD3 models: zoning is not available.
#Actual savings achieved will depend on the number of zones and controls installed, actual zone usage pattern, temperature settings, outside temperature, house size and room layout, house insulation, number of outlets, zone system design. Zoning savings are based on: • A range of assumed zone configurations, usage profiles and zone set-temperatures, with energy consumption reduced due to not heating the whole house all of the time. • Individual zone temperature control (a single MagIQtouch controller in combination with air temperature sensors, or multiple MagIQtouch controllers).
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